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Dream Catcher by RhiskandPeril Dream Catcher by RhiskandPeril
Inspired by: [link] FULL VIEW PLEASE!

Whoa.. Where to begin on this one. I thought up this image whilst flying home after vacation.. Amidst the nightmares and anxiety surrounding a prospect bachelor, this song came on and the fears started to fade away.

A sterling wolf dashes through the forest, every night around midnight. What's she to do?
You see, in the wild, dreams aren't contained to simply a cloud above one's head. No, no..
In the wild, dreams escape and form together in glittering clusters of magic. What are dreams? Hallucinations.. or illusions? Or, something more? Sometimes, you can see these dreams in the form of luminescence, also known as "Fox Fire" when present in mushrooms.
So, this wolf is very fond of dreams. She catches them nightly, like children do fireflies in the summertime. But, you must be swift when catching dreams, for dreams are very quick too. When Fox Fire happens, dreams are spreading. Usually they stay hidden inside the forest; in the trees, in the roots, in the leaves. Dreams come together as Fox Fire from all over the forest, converge, and mushroom out to be recycled back into the forest's energy. That is why they say: "Dreams under the stars are the best dreams of all."
Perhaps this wolf darling truly has uncovered something special.

Wolf body: [link]
Wolf leg: [link]
Wolf eye: [link]
Background: [link] [link] and many forest stocks on my computer.
Mushroom: [link]
Time: 8 hours
Layers: 21
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Critique by Mind-Probe Jan 6, 2013, 4:47:50 PM
Ms.Rhiskandperil. You've done it again. You've made such an original, STUNNING work of art.

Not once in my years of scrolling deviantart manips have I seen one like this. A magical mushroom. Like, really. A unique idea, truely.
Being unique, it's original.

The glow of the mushroom, and the sparkles and fog, and the little strands handing off and threaded around the stem are really cool. The eyes of the wolf manage to catch my eyes; great choice.

Overall, I'm in love with this manip, all of your hard work definatly paid off this time. Well done. My favourite one yet!
What do you think?
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8 out of 8 deviants thought this was fair.

Now now Rhis. It seems you have topped yourself off once more, was it possible? I didn't think so. But here we all have the proof aye? Lets start from the top.

Vision;I am very much sure we all can agree this piece is simple breathtaking, the colors the entire sensation watching this picture gives you is just simply amazing. The way its so carefully composed to give a very natural looking piece. Even the wolf looks like its meant to be that, even more its position on the mossy ground. The lighting is absolutely stunning, thats all I can really tell you. Its perfect.

Originality; This part too is done very well. The picture is somewhat sensitive, emotional and fragile. A classic 'supernatural' piece. Fantasy is nearly written all over it just judging by the enchanting purple light. Fantastic. The subtle shimmers and the white wolf. You are nearly sucked into this world the second you lay eyes on it.

Technique; Oh my where to begin. This category just bursts out of this scale. N E V E R have I seen this picture, and just as rare is it to see a technique as amazing as yours. Its not overwhelming. Its... Subtle, a hidden struggle. For i too know how hard it is to make something so unrealistic, to look this realistic. I could of sworn this is a painting or a real picture.

Impact; This is the only category I will let you fall in, for honestly I don't see the RhiskandPeril I know in this picture. Maybe you aimed for a new motive or a new style but to me, this will never be your BEST work. Maybe in technique, maybe in vision. But never in impact. Sure it is beautiful and quite amazing, but sadly, I just don't feel as deeply for this image compared to the others you have made.

All in all Rhis I am proud to call you a dear friend, you are an amazing editer and even greater an artist. There is no limits for you is there? I can only say this to you m'dear.

Aim for the sky, but don't stop when you get there.
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BeckoningSilence Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013
Simply amazing. The lighting of the mushroom as it reflects onto the wolf's face. I also enjoyed the story that relates to the image. A+ Great work as always. <3
TheIndigoLynx Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013
So pretty! :DD
Mind-Probe Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013
Well.....I'm not sure what I can say, as whatever I say will not make the manip live up to what it is.
RhiskandPeril Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Ahahaha, that was well enough xD
sharkbaithuhaha Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Rhisky this is amazing <3

You seen my recent manip?
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January 4, 2013
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